Mission to make free quality education

My friends and I formed a team and conducted sessions in a few universities around the island regarding “Google Summer of Code” and other Google products.

GSOC Introductory session at CSE, UOM

We went to universities not just in the capital but also ones far from it like the University of Uva Wellassa to conduct sessions.

Dev-Day University of Uva Wellassa
Dev-Day University of Uva Wellassa
Heminda Jayaweera on Innovation

As we conducted more and more sessions we came to realize that it is more efficient and effective to do sessions virtually. We used the most commonly used live platform, “Facebook live” to host sessions afterwards. This new platform for hosting sessions enabled anyone around the globe to do a session with Sustainable Education Foundation’s Facebook page. We were also able to broaden the audience as viewers can now connect to hosted sessions from anywhere as long as they are connected to the internet. Viewers started asking more and more questions via live session comments and we have noticed Tweets about the sessions. After a few sessions online it was evident that the engagement of the crowds has increased exponentially.

As an addition to the sessions we have invited high achievers in universities to do live sessions. This has been a great addition to SEF’s sessions, these have been praised by many viewers as they found them very inspirational.

So far we have organized following sessions

1)First session was on Google Summer of Code by Ramindu Deshapriya

Promo video

Session Link: https://www.facebook.com/sustainableeducationfoundation/videos/1851831495076688/

2) Second Session was done by Alagan Mahalingam on “How to build a great startup”

Promo video

Session Link : https://www.facebook.com/sustainableeducationfoundation/videos/1855646981361806/

3) Third session was on Aiesec by Danula Eranjith

Promo Video

Session Link : https://www.facebook.com/sustainableeducationfoundation/videos/1856158757977295/

4) Fourth session was done by Yasith Abeynayaka on Business Analysis and Product Design

Session Link : https://www.facebook.com/sustainableeducationfoundation/videos/1860002567592914/

5) Fifth session was done by Microsoft’s Imagine Cup Global Finalists Team Titan

Promo video

Session Link : https://www.facebook.com/sustainableeducationfoundation/videos/1866662380260266/

6) Sixth session was done by Dilushi Piumwardane on Women Teach makers scholarship

7) Seventh session was done by Googler Nuwan Samarasekara


8) Eighth session was done by Senel Wanniarachchi on Women’s Rights


9) Ninth session was done by Nasa Space Apps Global Finalists Team Codon


10) Tenth session was done by Siplo CEO, Buddhika Jayawardena on how to start a startup as an undergraduate


11) Eleventh session was by done by the creators of “Electri” the electric three wheeler from University of Moratuwa.


12) Twelfth session was done by CEO of LiveRoom, Sameera Nilupul on the topic “How to start a business not a startup”


SEF partnered up with the “Happy Sri Lankans” community. We also have partnered with “SurfEdge”(Parent Company of Gurupaara.lk) to create a series of videos to help students prepare for Advanced Level examinations.

Our team has expanded as a Marketing and PR Manager(Oshani Weerakoon) and two Marketing and PR executives(Dinuka De Silva and Sasika Silva )joined the organization.

What’s coming up

We started accepting applications for our Ambassador program, where these selected ambassadors would act as their university’s contact point with SEF. These leaders will be spreading the news amongst their student communities.

There will be a live session on 18th June at 8PM by Dr Arosha Bandara on “Computing Research and How to Apply for Phd”.


Vision and End Goal

Quality education is a dynamic notion. It evolves with time and this notion is subject to social, economic and environmental conditions. Education influences what students learn, how they learn and what benefits they draw from it. An exemplary quality education is one that provides all pupils with capabilities they necessitate to become economically productive, develop sustainable livelihoods, contribute to a peaceful and democratic society while improving individual welfare. It not only enlightens but also empowers learners and enables them to contribute to the maximum extent possible to the social and economic development of their communities. In our opinion quality education is a crucial factor in fighting poverty and inequality in society.

Quality education is a human right however the right to education is not only the right to access education but also the right to receive an education of good quality. We believe that education must be available and accessible but also acceptable and adaptable. Thus our goal is to make quality education available for everyone.




Datascience (growth) @WSO2 | PhD in Computing

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Akshika Wijesundara

Akshika Wijesundara

Datascience (growth) @WSO2 | PhD in Computing

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