Life in Singapore — Akshika’s Guide

I just came down from Singapore a few weeks ago. Another land I have lived, let‘s say. Not much. But a part of Singapore is almost running inside me now. I have found. So I have decided to disclose my virgin feelings about the trip. I was there for 6 months on an internship at the Singapore University of Technology and Design. I got the opportunity to work as a Research Intern. For now, I will not say anything about the work experience. Let me tell something else about Singapore.


Food is a part of travel. Food indicates culture. Food alone can sometimes turn the entire journey into a crappy one, if you find it difficult to gulp down. It stayed the same for us. However it was different for us. We had 7 people altogether. Thus we cooked the usual rice and curry we have in Sri Lanka.

Each one of us brought lot of things from Sri Lanka which was necessary for cooking.

So we did not have to buy many items from the supermarket. We only purchased rice and the vegetables .Somebody who trips for a few days may not have to cook. Instead they can try some restaurants.

Singapore is quite westernized with a blend of Chinese culture. You can find lots of Chinese and Western restaurants throughout the streets. China Town is famous for street food .That will bring you a range of Chinese cuisine.

Bak Kwa is one of my favorites from China Town , a type of bacon , some sweet and some salty. Make sure to try them if you’d get a chance.

Hot pots are one of the main dishes in Singapore as well as in all the Chinese countries. Might be little expensive. But there’s nothing wrong in giving it a try.

Apart from the Chinese food and culture in China Town there is a nice place you have to try out near China Town. It’s Clerke Quay.

It is walking distance from China Town and you would not regret being there. It is place where lot of ex-pats enjoy(specially the Europeans) their time. The place is full of of Pubs and Clubs with nice music. You would find a lot of western cuisine along the Clerky river. You can have a decent meal for a price of 6–30 $.

Apart from these restaurants you can always find 7 11’s and Cheer Pubs. They are quick remedies for thirst and hunger. You can buy prepared food from Shen-Shiong and Fair Price(super markets) too.

As you walk in you’ll find a bit of India in Singapore. Little India is full of Indian stuff. There is something you should not miss here.That is “Dum-Biriyani”.This could price from 6–12 $ in normal eateries.

There are many more options for people who would like to try something different. In the heart of Little India you can find a shopping mall named Moustafa with literally everything inside. Quite cheap. Although the quality may vary.

Throughout Singapore there are small shops where you could eat rice with few dishes you like. This is very good if you are running on a tight budget. During the time I was there in Singapore, I could eat a meal for 3–4 $ on average.

Normally the person who is serving would ask from you, whether it is to take away or to eat at the place. If you do not mention that you want to take away, they would normally consider that you are going to have it then and there.. He would put a cup of rice and wait for you to pick the dishes. Sea Food dishes cost more compared to meat items. Vegetables are the cheapest (this also could vary from dish to dish).

During the day time, you would find people selling ice cream along the road. They are called ice cream sandwiches. They do taste nice. Not that bad.

Apart from all these expensive cuisines you can literally eat for free in Singapore. There are two Sikh temples in Singapore where they provide free food for people. During the weekends you could have a meal where you have to pay around 8$, if you eat it outside. In the mornings you could have a mouthwatering dish of Chapatti with curd. One of them are in China Town. Make sure to pay a visit to this sacred place. Be mindful and pay respect to their religion and beliefs. This is not a “restaurant”. It is a temple. And giving food to other people is one of their rituals.

From here and there you can spot some Malay food. You’ll come across Malays in Singapore. Since Malaysia is there neighbor.

Try the Casinos in Marina Bay Sands.. You get free Milo, Juices etc. It has free entrance for tourists. Get the maximum out of it.

There’s more to tell. I’ll keep them for another day. Will write soon. Till then , happy traveling and if you need to know anything about Singapore do drop a comment here or ping me. And I’d reply .




Datascience (growth) @WSO2 | PhD in Computing

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Akshika Wijesundara

Akshika Wijesundara

Datascience (growth) @WSO2 | PhD in Computing

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