In this blog post I will explain how to create a portable WiFI controlled ambient light from scratch. Alongside these lights I built an IoT platform to control the lights that I built. I will explain how to build the IoT platform in a different blog post. I will break this blog post in to consumable chunks. I try to keep it simple as most of the things I have done can be found online.

  1. IOT Platform
  2. Ingredients list for the light
  3. Circuit Design for the Lights
  4. Testing the Neo Pixels
  5. Code for the ESP8256
  6. 3D Printing
  7. Packaging
  8. Calling the…

I will start this blog post with one of Jack ma’s quote.

“Go to a small company. Normally, in a big company, it is good to learn processing; you are part of a big machine. But when you go to a small company, you learn the passion, you learn the dreams. You learn to do a lot of things at one time. So before 30 years old, it’s not which company you go to, it’s which boss you follow. A good boss teaches you differently.”

I was waiting for my visa to go to the UK for my PhD and…

My friends and I formed a team and conducted sessions in a few universities around the island regarding “Google Summer of Code” and other Google products.

This actually started off from a comment on a medium post that I wrote. President of the computer society of Uva Wellassa University, Dilantha Prasanjith commented on the post that I did on Google Summer of Code.

Few years back we had an Introductory Session at University Moratuwa which helped lot of undergraduates to get to know about Google Summer of Code.It was conducted by the past GSOC interns and it was informative and motivational. I decided to carry on that tradition and give something back to the University.

I and past GSOC students manage to organize an awareness session on Google Summer of Code (GSOC) program at University of Moratuwa with the participation of over 150 undergraduates specializing in Computer Science and IT related fields on 7th of December.

GSOC is an international annual program focused…

Since a lot of people wanted to get some advice on Google Summer of Code, I decided to pen down some important pointers with regard to Google Summer of Code. Apart from the main guidelines given by Google, there are few pointers I learnt through my personal experience

  1. Email Ethics

My writing was not the best during my GSOC days. When I read through some of the emails I sent those days, I wonder why some even bothered to reply. It is very important to read your email twice before you send it to your mentor or the organization. The…

This article is for a person who has some knowledge on Android and OpenCV. We will look at how to use the OpenCV library to recognize objects on Android using feature extraction.

  1. Download and setup Android Studio

I am using Android Studio and you can follow this link to download and install Android studio and SDK tools but if you are a die hard eclipse fan you also can follow this tutorial( no hard feelings ;) )

2. Setting up OpenCV library inside Android Studio

You have to download and import OpenCV library to android studio and there is a…

I just came down from Singapore a few weeks ago. Another land I have lived, let‘s say. Not much. But a part of Singapore is almost running inside me now. I have found. So I have decided to disclose my virgin feelings about the trip. I was there for 6 months on an internship at the Singapore University of Technology and Design. I got the opportunity to work as a Research Intern. For now, I will not say anything about the work experience. Let me tell something else about Singapore.

Akshika Wijesundara

PhD Candidate in Usable Privacy in Cyber-Physical Systems

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