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A PhD can be quite stressful at times and it is a long-term process. Therefore, finding out different tools that may support your journey will be quite beneficial to your efficiency and to your mental health. This blog post lists out 12 tools that I have used throughout my PhD and their use cases to my PhD.

  1. Zotero helps you to save the papers that you find on the internet. It also helps you to keep an annotated bibliography. You have to read around 300–500 papers during your PhD (maybe more). Keeping track of these articles manually is a bit hard. Therefore, using a tool like Zotero would help you during the literature review and it will help you automatically generate your citation list when it is time to write the thesis. Mendeley is another similar tool.

Bonus Tools to check out: Grammarly, Crossref,, and RDF Planner

I have used many other tools but the aforementioned 12 tools were the most used. If you use any other tools, please feel free to comment them down as I would like to try them out. Thank you for reading :)

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